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​Rob Slackerino

- Salsero - Bachatero – Kizombeur -

​Rob & Sayo

Rob brings with him the latin flavour and developped his dedication for dance while growing up in El Salvador. He undertook extensive performance training in Cali, Colombia, after being taught an excellent professional foundation by instructors all over Europe and while attending international dance congresses, who finally motivated him to bring his dance to the next level.

He jumped on the Kizomba-wave very early and learned by the best, famous Isabelle-and Felicien, representing their modern Kizomba and characteristic Style from Paris in Tokyo, Japan!

- Cabaret Salsa dancers since 2016-

Sayo and Rob teamed up in order to represent cabaret dance and to propagate the passion for colombian salsa in Japan.

Sayo is suffering the terminal stage of hispanic fever and finds only relief in latin dances. Her background in pole dance offers an ideal predisposition for addiction to acrobatic moves.

The fascination for artistic dance brought those two together; He brings the experience from acrobatic rock n roll and She executes elegantly but rigorously, both seeking perfection in their dance! This fresh couple, still on the rise within the world of latin dance, promises a combination of expressive sharp moves and energetic musicality, unique in the world of dance; the result of mixing Europe with a latin touch and far east Japan into Salsa suggests only one thing: it will get spicy, and thus definitely not to be missed!


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